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By Natalia Hatton | Blog

Dec 04

We love to share what we love or what has made a difference in our worlds!  Think about that fav new item in your wardrobe, the great new eating place you discovered or even better that exciting thing that just unfolded in your life.  You are bursting to share with people and that is normal for we are wired to enjoy and to share.

I’ve been thinking about that when it comes to something of mine.  The world has tilted the way we feel the need to dress something up though, so we aren’t disappointed when we share.  Just think about the adverts all around us, making us feel there needs to be a big reveal, to showcase our item just so, to make it seem like there isn’t better.

If I were to describe mine in the simplest way it doesn’t sound all that…a Book with white pages and black words, the cover of mine is leather and the spine of it is well worn from much use.  I’m sure that doesn’t thrill you or make you want to rush and grab one for yourself.  But the truth is this Book is a beautiful reality, filled with truth, booms the character and heart of God, can be a road map to life if we let it and so much more.  Waiting in those pages from the very start to the very end is the most extraordinary love story ever told, where you see God’s unchanging character, His amazing provisions and protections, His loving correction and guidelines to have a life of adventure, purpose, depth, satisfaction and to know you are of worth and He is crazy about YOU!

Now I get it, I’ve had seasons in my life where this Book has brought mixed emotions.  There was the part of me that knew it’s importance.  There was a patch I would sit next to my mum in church so I could listen to what was being taught as my friends sitting together at the back would just talk and distract.  I would stick around church to listen to good solid teaching rather than going to the next hyped up thing with the rest of the youth group.  I would dust it off and open it in front of me as I sat cross legged on my bed in tough patches of life and hope for something to rock my world.  There was also the side where those I expected more from didn’t live it out as I expected and it lost it’s relevance.  Where my own reality was far from what I wanted it to be and I wasn’t sure where to turn to, if I’d even find the answers and help I needed.  So the Bible would again sit and gather dust while I instead listened to music to try and fill that need of closeness to God, to feel something.

We were created to be known and to know, to be loved and to love, to have purpose and to live full.  We can’t just be passive and hope for the best, we need to be intentional and expect.  That’s where God’s Word, the Book of Life, the Bible comes into play.  This morning as I think of my week that has been I can’t help but be so thankful for God’s road map for my life.  You see much of the years tasks are a wrap and I’ve been tending to those things that get sidelined but matter.  While doing that though I’ve got out of my usual rhythm and in doing so found myself in a funk.  Till this morning when I again got grounded.

Years back I was sitting on my couch listening to a lady pour out her heart.  I invited her along to the in depth global bible study because I knew only God and His Word could be the balm to her heart.  While I have walked a road of heartache and discovered God in a new way at rock bottom and could share of this I knew she needed more than what I could offer.  She needed a one on one encounter with God through His Word.  And how I’ve seen her spread her wings and fly in the years of studying alongside.

In one of our times of connecting she asked a question that saw me answer that I wanted people, particularly those young to KNOW that the Word of God matters, is relevant, is a life line and a road map, draws you into God and sets before you the most precious reality ever.  The words within this Book are not stale, they are not hard, they are not a bunch of rules to suck the fun out of life.  Far from that, they are the very words to breath life, to turn your life upside down in the most wonderful way ever.  As you get intentional about pouring over the pages you will see the underpinning love story, the tender and purposeful Hand of God for YOU, the unchanging purpose and plan from beginning to end, the tips to avoid and the tips to pursue for a full and happy life.  The current picture you have of God, of christianity will tweak drastically and before long you too will be bursting to share.

Before going to the in depth bible study I stuck with the ‘nice’ portions of the Bible and avoided those other portions once I’d glanced over them.  Now I see the beauty in ALL the pages, even Leviticus where most people see it as a chore I gained so much validation, changed sleeping patterns and more.

I encourage you to discover the beauty within the pages for yourself!  And I pray that you won’t get bogged down because of the enormity of how much there is to read but rather will start small, be consistent and ask God to help you with the Holy Spirit taking the world scales off your eyes and allowing the story to come alive, to change, to grow, to set before you a wonderful turn your life upside down moment.  Even better I urge you to study with others, to go deep, to be real, use tools on hand and see just what adventure is set before you.


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Natalia has bravely written two books that show a road not often talked about … infertility. She is real and vulnerable in it. Yet you see how God can turn broken pieces of her life into something beautiful, where deep faith and rich growth are seen.

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