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By Natalia Hatton | Blog

Jan 20

After a wonderful three week break in the States it hasn’t been easy to get back to reality.  I miss spending all day every day with my wonderful man.  I miss not being away from technology and demands.  I miss not seeing and experiencing new adventures, rather back into the familiar and known.

And truth be told I’m not finding being an adult very fun right now.  I thought that I would embark on this year more comfortable with the path set before me, but I’m scared of having to get back on a stage and give lectures at the in depth bible study I go to and all the responsibilities that come with the role. As the holiday was drawing near to an end I had a dream and woke up wondering how on earth little me got given this big role.  I have midget feet and don’t really feel equipped or able to go for round two.

When home I was out in the garden pruning the rose plants, taking out my veggie and herb garden to replant and thought how familiar aspects of this felt.  The pinch of the pruning and stretching isn’t overly nice, but necessary for the blossoming to come. I asked God to help me find the bounce and joy again, to hop and skip down the path He very clearly seems to have unfolded.

That’s when I remembered a cute little boy from one of our many flights.  It was on the Dallas to San Diego flight and this little boy got on the plane and settled into the seat in front, right next to his younger brother and grandma.  The flight attendant began the safety demo and I watched as he took it all in and paid attention.  He took out the safety card from the pocket in front to get familiar, as he had been told.  Then his eyes got big, a grin so big came across his face and he turned.  “Grandma, do we get to do this?” as he pointed to the ‘slides and inner tubes’. He was told no, or at least hopefully not, and it was promptly left at that.

As I stood in my garden I thought of this boy and the view of something he had because it was seen from spritely eyes of youth and adventure instead of adults eyes that saw fear and catastrophe. I wondered if that is how I was allowing my eyes to see the year set before me and if maybe God could help me find that altered view.

How quickly I had forgotten the adventure and awe last year did hold, despite the difficulties and pains.  How easily I had forgotten the blessings and joy and growth and blow you down leave you in awe moments.  Did I really want to let go of that for the sake of comfort and ease, just because some aspects weren’t as I thought they would be anymore?  Did I really give satan an easy in and allow a fresh year to begin so poorly in my mind.  It was time to shake off and charge forward.  There was a right view to have that would set me up for the best and so with God’s help we are working on that.

How about you?  Are there some aspects where you need God to adjust your view and set you up right?  Or do you have it all sussed? Whatever your spot I do pray that this year of 2017 will be a great one in expected and unexpected ways for you and look forward to what is in store for us.

Even in the bumps and unknowns there is something good to glean, I’m confident of that.  On that flight I mentioned before it was turbulent the whole time, and I admit I was getting concerned and worn from it as I’m not a great flyer.  But then I would get a glimpse of the wee family in front and would smile.  While the adults around were sleeping, reading or anxious this little boy was excited about his bag of chips and bottle of fizzy.  When the bump was big enough to spill it he would giggle.  He wasn’t fazed that the cart was not in service or that we had to remain seated and buckled the whole time. Because for him, the bumps added to the fun and experience.  I’m asking God to give me that perspective as I head into a year of knowns and unknowns.

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Natalia has bravely written two books that show a road not often talked about … infertility. She is real and vulnerable in it. Yet you see how God can turn broken pieces of her life into something beautiful, where deep faith and rich growth are seen.

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Rebecca January 21, 2017

Hey Tals. Awesome writing. I cant believe you are gardening. Glad you had a wonderful break and pray Gods blessing on this year

    Natalia Hatton January 21, 2017

    Ha thanks Bec, yes it’s been about seven years of gardening now. Who would have ever thought it. And thanks, blessings to you for the year ahead too.

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